Marina Vinogradova has always been musically gifted. From a young age, she was singing and performing. Now she's passionate constantly performing and touring. Learn more about Marina Vinogradova and her professional music journey.


Arranging has always been Marina's passion.
Now she arranges for large ensembles, orchestras, combo bands, small jazz bands and a cappella groups. In 2019 she started working with several TV shows as an arranger and orchestrator. 

Marina's music manages to strike that rare balance between technical sophistication and pure, unapologetic emotion. For all of the complex, dynamic arrangements featuring layers of carefully crafted instrumental melodies and lush vocal harmonies, each song's tangible and relatable message still rings through loud and clear. Her genre-defying songs are musically smart without being alienating to the casual listener, and the magic ingredient that holds the whole show together is Marina's voice and the unbridled passion contained within.

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Marina writes lyrics for most progressive songwriters

and bands all over the world. Her lyrics are very relevant and emotional, which helps the songs hit the charts. 

Marina has been teaching for more than a decade already. She teaches voice, vocal improv, arranging, songwrtiting and music theory. Her unique method helps vocalists become real musicians and superfluous artists.  

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